Sous la directive de la Medical Officer of Health, les classes sont suspendues et les services de garde / garderie sont fermés à partir de demain le 16 mars 2020, et ce pour une période indéterminée. Following Alberta's Medical Officer of Health's directive, classes are suspended and daycare centres are closed for an indeterminate period of time starting tomorrow March 16, 2020.


A family environment where respect comes first!


(780) 826-1890

4312, 34th Street

Bonnyville, Alberta

8:40AM - 3:17PM

Monday to Friday


(780) 826-1890

4312, 34th Street

Bonnyville, Alberta

8:40AM - 3:17PM

Monday to Friday

School Council

Our mission

Our school council fulfills its vision by:

  • Advising the school principal on ways to efficiently manage human, material and financial resources;
  • Participating in the organization of cultural and extracurricular activities;
  • Promoting collaboration and communication with parents and other interested parties;
  • Promoting the programs and services given to students.


  • For more details, please see the School Council Resource Manual.

School councils allow Albertans to be involved in an advisory capacity in topics such as programs, budgets or school policies.

  • The School Council Resource Manual gives multiple pieces of information about school councils, including their operation, composition, links to the “School Act” and rules.

The website for the Fédération des parents francophones de l’Alberta (FPFA) contains many interesting resources. Please follow this link to find answers to 40 questions about Francophone education in a minority setting.

School council members

Janelle Fox, Présidente


Julie Kriaski, Vice-Présidente


Tammy Belknap, Trésorière


Stephanie Upsdell, Secrétaire


Danielle Larson


Lise Whaley


Julie Kriaski


Luanne Menard


Stephanie Ubsdell


Juantita Roy : Enseignante


Margo Moyen : Directrice

Anglophone sub-committee

Audrey Michaud


Karyann Boychuk


Brandy Gaulin


Amy Regnier


Mary Brassil


Holly Dubilowski


Jesse Dubilowski